of Discovery

For more intrepid travellers, a Journey of Discovery aboard Tiger Blue to some of the region’s more off the beaten track destinations is the ultimate sea safari.

Tiger Blue’s twice yearly voyages from Komodo to Raja Ampat and vice versa offer guests a unique opportunity to explore some of the remoter corners of Eastern Indonesia. From dramatically coloured volcanic lakes on Flores and the rich tribal cultures of Alor, to the rarely visited Banda Islands, these journeys are ideal for those looking to venture to the edge of the Pacific’s Ring of Fire.


Highlights of Eastern Indonesia


Dutch Fortresses

In order to secure control of the nutmeg trade in the early 1600s, the Dutch built their first fort on the island of Banda – Fort Nassau. This was shortly followed by Belgica to fortify the hill. The fort served as the main military and administrative base of the Dutch in the Banda Islands for many years.


Volcanic Lakes

Set at 1000m above sea level are the three crater lakes of Kelimutu, a dormant volcano on the island of Flores. Each lakes colour changes periodically according to the volcanic activity and varying mineral content at the time. The water tends to be a varying shade of reds or greens.


Batu Tara Volcano

Witness the power of the pacific ring of fire on which Indonesia sits by watching an active volcano in all its glory. From the comfort of the deck, marvel at fiery eruptions and lava cascading into the sea – at a safe distance, of course.


Local Tribes

There are over 100 tribes living on the islands of Alor. Set in relative isolation, a traditional way of life continues in many of its villages. Witness the traditional lego-lego dance, binding together young and old, with everyone dancing hand in hand.


Take a Journey of Discovery

These trips travel from Komodo and up to Raja Ampat to relocate the boat as the weather changes taking in a choice of destinations including the islands of Banda, Flores and Alor. Discover the history of the spice trade, explore colonial fortresses, hike up a volcano, and enjoy diverse wildlife in and out of the water.

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